Smart Casual Wear

Custom made trench coats

Custom made underwear

Custom made business shirts

Custom made luxury shirts 

Custom made denim shirts

Custom made jeans

Custom made shorts

Custom made Chino's

Custom made cargo pants

Custom made dungarees

Custom made shirt dresses and shift dresses

Custom made tops

Crafted to your body measurements and choice of fabric. We accommodate clients all over South Africa.







Copy Service

Do you have an existing garment that fits you well but you'd like more of this design, or you have an existing garment that doesn't fit anymore, we will copy it and make it in the fabric that you would like, in your body measurements! For men and women.


You can send us the actual garment and we create the pattern of it. Most of the time, we don't need to take the garment apart in order to copy it. After we've done the pattern, we will send the garment back to you in one piece. We keep the pattern on file, should you in the future want more of this item. 


We have a very easy to use body measurement guide, to submit the body measurements.